Terms of service

The general terms of use for Boosting Kings, operating under the website domain,

Accepting terms of use

Please read carefully the terms of use of using the services provided by Boosting Kings under the domain and website, before accepting. By accepting the terms of use laid out in this document, you, the customer/non customer, accept all conditions applied in this document which applies to the services which BoostingKings offer. You are also fully aware of this document before purchasing any products/services by BoostingKings

Under any condition you do not understand parts of this document, the terms and conditions, please contact using the support suite provided on every page of If for any chance you do not agree with the terms of use laid out by BoostingKings, we invite you to contact us via the support suite.

The change of site conditions at any time

BoostingKings holds and reserves the right to change or alter any site condition, term or policy with or without any present or prior notation to the client/customer/non customer. All users of the website who are not restricted, are to keep vigilantes of the terms and conditions imposed to those visiting By purchasing any products or services by BoostingKings, you are with understanding, automatically accepting and agreeing to the terms of condition as a whole and it’s entirety.

BoostingKings does not represent Blizzard Entertainment or Overwatch

BoostingKings is its own company and does not represent anyone else but BoostingKings. We are not affiliated nor represented by Blizzard Entertainment. BoostingKings does not affiliate or represent Blizzard Entertainment. The customer understands this and accepts with all matters with Blizzard Entertainment, BoostingKings has no control or share on. This therefore includes Overwatch or any production and developments Blizzard Entertainment wishes to proceed with in the future.

As BoostingKings is not associated with Blizzard Entertainment in any shape or form, BoostingKings urges all customers/non customers to prevent themselves from violating all laws in relation to infringing or violating the intellectual properties of Blizzard Entertainment.

Website content

The content shown on attaches no warranties to customers/non customers. The information and content on all extensions of the website are also without warranty of any kind of form.

The content shown on is to only be viewed by employees and customers/non customers but it is not to be viewed by Blizzard Entertainment. All information on BoostingKings are subject to change.

Support & Assistance

If any issues are to be encountered, feel free to contact our customer support via email For enquiries or other business contact, feel free to send a mail to our email address :

Placement games guarantee

The placement games guarantee takes place whenever a customer buys 10 games worth of placement games. BoostingKings will endeavour to win 7 out of the 10 games which is ordered by the customer or better. When BoostingKings wins 7 or more games for the customer inside their ranked placement, BoostingKings will have completed what was advertised and guaranteed and therefore the order will be closed as all games will have been processed. In the circumstances where BoostingKings goes 5-5 or less where the first number represents wins and the second represents loses, BoostingKings will honor the placements guarantee and fully refund any customer after being contacted. In situations where an order goes 6-4, BoostingKings can refund up to 80%, retaining 20% of the cost to adhere to business and legal operations.

Procedure for refund

If a client is interested in discussions for a refund in relation to the placement games guarantee placed by BoostingKings, the customer/client should contact BoostingKings immediately with the email address and order ID. BoostingKings will manually confirm the failure to complete 7 victories and proceed to the refund mentioned above within 48 hours.

MMR rising

Match making rating (MMR) rising, is the rising of ones MMR via by either ELO Boosting or Coaching. Customers understand any risks involved with raising their MMR in any way or form.
BoostingKings rating calculator

BoostingKings has created an estimate rank calculator which shows the customer’s/non customer’s, rating/rank after the required amount of wins is achieved on their Overwatch account. This estimator is not a guarantee but is an estimate to what rating the customer/non customer might be. This information is not to be used against BoostingKings. Customer/non customers understand the risks involved with buying wins laid out in “BoostingKings sells wins”.

MMR (Match making ranking)

MMR determines the amount of Overwatch points you gain per win and lose per match. MMR matches you up with people of the same skill. Therefore it is possible you play against people one tier below or above you whilst have the same MMR as them. This would be considered, low or high MMR. As a result of high MMR, your account can be rescaled so the price of each subsequent win is in line of how much it costs.

ELO Boosting

Elo Boosting refers to boosting the ELO rating also called MMR of a Overwatch account. This ELO gets higher after each win. ELO influences your rank. The more ELO you have, the more Overwatch MMR Points you will win.

Price of wins

BoostingKings makes an effort to find the best price for each win inside of the market. The price of each win varies to the amount of MMR each game starts of with. As the accounts rank rises, typically the MMR will rise also to match the account to players of similar skill and scaling with the rise of MMR, so will the price. The price of each win therefore reflects on the MMR of the account.

The price of multi wins is based on how much MMR a customer/non customer will get per win and therefore the price scales as the predicted amount of MMR is added per win.

Description of products and services

BoostingKings does not warrant any product/service description but puts to great effort the details of each services. It is understood the description may not be 100% accurate or complete but BoostingKings will in best efforts, make these descriptions of the products and services as understandable to the customer/non customer.

Payment processors

BoostingKings uses payment processors such as Paypal, to forfill the transactions between the customer and BoostingKings. BoostingKings does not store your payment information outside of Paypal.

Rescaling orders

BoostingKings has no control of the MMR of any Overwatch account on the initial purchase of wins which is to be used for an elo boosting service only for BoostingKings. BoostingKings holds the right to rescale an order at any time if a customers account is considered to have a higher MMR than what his rank entails.

An account is only rescaled if the MMR is higher than what was calculated in the inital purchase. The result of rescaling means the account’s MMR is in line with the price per win based on the MMR and therefore the customer will not get as many wins as it was estimated with the rating calculator. The customer accepts this practise of rescaling to make sure all clients are paying within the same amount so to not discriminate against other customers and their MMR.


Refunds are done on the prorata of wins left / wins purchased, but the customer can ask for refund whenever they want. Unless fraudulent acts have been commited, BoostingKings must always accept a refund notice. This can be dealt with inside the support suite located on every page of BoostingKings.

Third party terms of service

The following are terms of conditions set out by Blizzard Entertainment. and information in relation to ELO Boosting and Blizzard Entertainment’s stance towards ELO Boosting.

The customer/non customer, understands they will be violating the TOS set out by Blizzard Entertainment and risk any actions taken onto their account. Overwatch TOS Overwatch MMR (ELO) Boosting actions of punishment.

ELO Boosters of BoostingKings

The boosters that work for BoostingKings do not represent BoostingKings but only represents their own actions. ELO Boosters are workers who logon onto your Overwatch account and play ranked games. Their job is to win games on your behalf until you do not have any more wins on your order.